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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Wrightsboro Playground Description

The Wrightsboro commercial playground equipment is like a jungle palace of seemingly endless play options in a whimsical theme that captures the imagination and whisks you away to far off lands for amazing pretend play with friends. Children will be absolutely delighted by the jungle accents that decorate this mega outdoor playground structure. From the lush Palm Tree Toppers to the Hex Bulb Roof and Bones Bridge, this playground system is the stuff storybooks are made of! A Transfer Station starts the journey off, traveling through the jungle of Palm Tree Toppers to a gentle 4 foot Left Turn Slide and 5 foot Tube Slide, bordered by an engaging Plinko Panel. A Club House Roof shelters the split level 66″ elevated and 72″ elevated deck, complete with Bubble Panel lookout and Double Drum. The journey takes a shaky path through an Incline Covered Bones Bridge to a palatial deck shaded by a mega Hex Bulb Roof. A Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Maze Panel, two Bubble Panels, Pixel Climber and Spiral Tube Slide can all be found in this fully outfitted deck. Yet another wobbly pathway leads across a simple Bones Bridge to another series of platforms, partially shaded by a Club House Roof, equipped with Bubble Panel, Bamboo Panel, Spiral Climber, Gear Panel, Rock Hole Climber and 4 foot Double Slide. The ground level play features as just as numerous, encompassing a Double Drum, Bongos, Ship’s Wheel, Single Drum, Stump Store Panel, Bench Panel, Rain Wheel, Ball Maze Panel and more. Two ADA Transfer Stations make sure everyone can play, all the way from age five up to age twelve.

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