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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Whitehouse Playground Description

Slides, and climbers and upper body challenges, oh my!! The Whitehouse commercial playground equipment has it all, from challenging climbing obstacles to fun sliding options, dramatic play panels to musical instruments. For the kid who loves to monkey around, a 90 Degree Trapezoid Loop Ladder and Overhead Straight Snake Loop Ladder test their core and upper body strength in a fun and carefree environment. An ADA Transfer Station with Handhold offers inclusive play along with ground level Store Panel, Bench Panel, and Drum Panel. Beyond the Transfer Station, kids can ascend to the upper decks by way of an Inverted Arch Ladder or Snake Climber. The deck height starts from a 36″ elevated platform, to a split 42″ and 48″ elevated platforms that connect via an Incline Arch Bridge to a 60″ elevated platform covered with Square Roof and triangular 72″ elevated platform. A Fireman’s Pole makes for a timelessly traditional way to get back to the ground level. The slides progress from a 4 foot Wave Slide, to a 5-foot Double Slide to a mega 6 foot Wave Slide. _x000D_n

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