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West Hampton



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

West Hampton Playground Description

The West Hampton commercial playground equipment is designed to accommodate up to 60 children ages 5 to 12 years old. It features fourteen different deck level activities including slides, climbers, overhead swingers and pretend play panels, in addition to six ground-level components for ADA compliant inclusion. Children will get a thrill climbing up the center of the Tower of Rings. Just as adventurous, the Overhead 3 Wheel Spinner takes upper body strength and matches it with hand-eye coordination. Climbers abound on this outdoor play structure, including the wacky cool Twisted Arch Ladder, Rock Hole Climber, and Snake Climber. For children looking for an easy way up to the decks, there is the Transfer Station with handholds. Immersing children into a vibrant jungle experience, this playset boasts the aesthetic of Palm Tree Toppers, Banana Panels, and Stump Window Panels. This adventure play system goes from a height of 48″ elevation all the way up to 84″ elevation. A Tube Bridge with see-thru panels gaps the distance between decks that look down at those playing below for a fun and unique vantage. While on deck, kids will have a blast testing out their luck on the Plinko Panel, learning about engineering from the Gear Panel, engage spatial reasoning as they play with the Ball Maze Panel and play peek a boo with the Bubble Panel. A 7 foot Right Turn Slide and second 8-foot Straight Slide make a quick and exciting descent to the ground, while the Saddle Slide is a more unique approach to the concept. Ground level play includes a Stump Window Panels for both look as well as dramatic play, allowing kids to slip into the clubhouse feel of a tree stump. A Single Drum, Ship’s Wheel and Bongos finish off these ground activities, making this playset one to beat!

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