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University Park


playground equipment for city parks


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

University Park Playground Description

With the University Park commercial playground structure, kids will enjoy upper body challenges, sliding glee and clubhouse prestige. The Chain Climbing Wall is a feat of foot placement and upper body strength that transitions into the Double Overhead Straight Swinging Ring Ladder for double the challenge. The unique design of the two parallel rows of ergonomic trapeze handles allows kids to swing from ring to ring as they make their way across the total length of the overhead ladder. Other climbing elements are the Snake Climber and the Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall which both directly access the 60″ elevated square deck with sun-sheltering Line Roof. The simple Transfer Deck allows for an easier journey to the top where a 5 foot Right Turn Slide awaits. This outdoor playground equipment is commercial grade, suitable for any public environment such as parks and schools, perfect for children ages five through twelve years. _x000D_n

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