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Turning Basin



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Turning Basin Playground Description

An obstacle course for the adrenaline-charged kid, the Turning Basin outdoor playground equipment is just the ticket to exhaust pent up energy whether used at a public part, apartment grounds or schoolyard. Under a Hex Shade, the playground unveils itself starting with a PE Climbing Attachment that seems to flow right into the Triple Wing Climber. This series of wing-shaped panels are fitted with various patterned cutouts for kids to climb through, all while pretending they are adventuring through a dense jungle forest or training for the king’s military on an expedition to conquer the mighty fire-breathing dragon. The Incline Floating Tunnel Climber is of a similar challenge that is fun to climb on, over or through. While on their expedition, the Tilted Lily Pad Bridge will feel like tiptoeing over a rock-strewn, alligator-infested swamp. At the end of this balance component is a Net Climber Attachment and PE Climber Attachment that is perfect for scaling the top to escape the dragon’s dreadful minions. Once this obstacle course has been completed, children will be happy to saddle up to the Maze Panel Attachment for some quiet play.

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