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Trout Lake



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Trout Lake Playground Description

Make playtime the best ever with the Trout Lake commercial playground equipment. The Transfer Station provides access to children of differing mobility challenges, while five different climbers offer a unique means of access to the varying deck levels while promoting perceptual-motor development. These climbing components max out fun with a Pebble Climber with Rails, Sea Creature Climber, 3D Climber, vertical Pod Climber, and Rock Hole Climber. Once on the deck level, kids will love to engage in the play panels that encompass a Gear Panel and lookout Bubble Panel. The Slides never end on this cool outdoor play system. From the gentle glide of the 4-foot Right Turn Slide and Double Slide to the thrilling 6-foot Right Turn Slide, Straight Slide, Left Turn Slide, second Right Turn Slide, and Wave Slide. An Arch Bridge and two Bones Bridges link these differing elevated platforms in a fun layout. Below the decks, kids can spin the Rain Wheel or Ship’s Wheel; strike up a rhythm on the Single Drum or Bongos; take part in make-believe play with the Store Panel, or challenge their math skills on the educational Half Math Panel. Meanwhile, a Bench Panel allows for a place to rest if the fun gets too overwhelming.

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