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Treetop Connection


grants for playgrounds for schools


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Treetop Connection Playground Description

If you are looking for a commercial playground structure with exciting preschool age elements, then this outdoor play system is the answer for you! This playground equipment is entirely on the ground level, allowing access for young children to play without the need for stairs. A single roof provides protection from the rain, sun or snow. The cozy, semi-enclosed interiors offer children a chance to get away from the excitement of the play yard or gather with friends for a game of pretend play. Young children will have a blast navigating the two tube tunnels and meeting up with friends in the shelter of the main body of the structure. The two stump window panels bring a new level of imaginative play as kids create imaginative games or scenarios in this cool clubhouse play set with circular windows that look out at their peers and the rest of the playground. _x000D_n

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