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Traditional Camp Grill

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Traditional Camp Grill Playground Description

Create a community park setting families and groups will flock to with help from this Traditional Camp Grill. Your municipal park will spark new interest in your patrons’ passion for outdoor grilling. This traditional grill is an especially perfect accompaniment to any outdoor pavilion or layout with picnic tables for large gatherings. As groups gather to enjoy your location, they will be cementing lasting memories. This high-quality outdoor grill can be used to prepare all sorts of food, allowing for a diversity of plates to be enjoyed by all. The grill is coated with a specialized high heat powder coating, which protects it and keeps it looking and performing its best, year after year. The grill boasts four adjustable heights that move the food either closer or farther away from the coals to adjust the heat and cooking time. This grill is perfect for campgrounds, parks, apartments or other multifamily complexes. When done cooking, the grill is simple to clean.

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