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Taccoa Falls



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Taccoa Falls Playground Description

The Toccoa Falls outdoor playground equipment takes playtime to the next level, offering children ages five to twelve a plethora of extreme climbing and sliding options. Any aspiring gymnast or adventurer will shout with glee over the Chain Climbing Wall, Curved Panel Climber, Tilted Lily Pad Bridge, Maze Rung Vertical Ladder, Overhead Spinner and Vertical Ladder. Certainly, those features only aren’t the only elements of physical strength and agility. There is also a Pebble Climber with Rails, Spiral Climber, Crab Step, and Rock Hole Climber. A Transfer Station with handrails sets the course upwards from a 36″ elevated platform to a higher 48″ elevated platform. From here, one path leads over a wobbly Bones Bridge to an interactive Gear Panel and onward across a long Arch Bridge until finally arriving at a 4 foot Double Slide and 4 foot Right Turn Slide. Of course, there is more than one path to choose. From the initial 48″ elevated platform, children have the option to take the enclosed stairs up to a 60″ elevated platform with Bubble Panel lookout, 5 foot Wave Slide and 5 foot Right Turn Slide. The slides all steer the course back to ground level where they can sail away with the Ship’s Wheel steering panel, make noise with the Rain Wheel, beat out a tune on the Bongos or Single Drum, play pretend at the Store Panel or sit and rest on the Bench Panel.

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