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Sylvan Hills



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Sylvan Hills Playground Description

The Sylvan Hills commercial playground equipment is all about experiencing the journey. While the destination is certainly tons of fun, the many paths in which to get there are rife with giggles, social engagement and discovery. Children will love taking turns on the Overhead Straight Snake Loop Ladder with Vertical Ladder step-up. This feature is great for strengthening the upper and core body muscles. A Transfer Station offers an easy way to the great length of decks at steadily ascending heights. Once on deck, kids can choose from multiple sliding options, including a gentle 3-foot Straight Slide or side-by-side, 6 foot Left Turn Slide, Straight Slide, and Right Turn Slide. These slides can be directly reached by some awesome climbers. A Pea Pod Climber requires balance in a vertical ascent. The Spiral Climber likewise required a precision footing, the Inverted Arch Ladder offers the assistance of a handhold, while the Pixel Climber and Vertical PE Rock Climbing Wall offer specially molded foot and hand holds in which to scramble up or down. When on the decks, a Gear Panel makes a fun hands-on play that is captivating to interact with. The Bubble Panel is great for peering down at the goings on below. The ground level Single Drum is a swell to fill the playground with music.

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