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Sugar Crossing


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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Sugar Crossing Playground Description

The Sugar Crossing commercial playground equipment is designed to stimulate preschool and grade school children alike with numerous, varied play elements and optional independent and social activities. A transfer station with stairs makes for the most direct route to the upper decks, while the five-step pebble climber makes the journey to the top more of an adventure. A large deck comprised of two square platforms and four triangular steps at differing heights create a variety of unique elevations in which to discover and play. At the play set’s peak is a four-foot right turn slide along with a smaller double slide for tandem fun. A bubble panel adds a playful element to the lookout at the playground below. Featuring the classic game tic-tac-toe, this activity panel helps develop logical thinking, fine and gross motor dexterity. A gear panel is great for solitary play that aids in sensory-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The finishing touch is the rain wheel and single drum on the ground level for ADA compliant play.

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