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Straight Trapezoid Loop Ladder



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Straight Trapezoid Loop Ladder Playground Description

Help kids start their journey in outdoor exploration with this Straight Trapezoid Loop Ladder. This climbing structure for commercial playgrounds makes for a fun approach to fostering healthy upper and core body strength. As they swing across this play event, they will learn valuable skills such as balance, hand and eye coordination, courage and self-confidence. All the while they will be getting the exercise they need to keep healthy and active. This straightforward ladder is outfitted with unique trapezoid-shaped rungs that extend down from the main overhead bar. Their wide base offers easy grip-ability, and each are spaced at specific distances so children can easily reach between them. Their lowered height also makes them easier to reach without being too low that feet drag the ground. There are small vertical ladders at both ends of the climber that give a boost up to help younger children reach the geometrically-shaped rungs.

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