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Square Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern

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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Square Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern Playground Description

Take a seat and rest a spell at this Square Single Pedestal Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern. The unique design of this commercial-use picnic table features a square tabletop and up to four benches that each branch off from a single pedestal. The sturdy pedestal is highly robust and able to support the entire structure. This fact makes installation a breeze since there is only one point of installation. There are two options for mounting. Once is in-ground and the other option is surface mounting. This durable picnic table is specially made with a thermoplastic coating that protects the table against damage from UV rays, rust, weather, and vandalism. This same coating also protects the table from extreme temperatures and becoming too hot or too cold, thus making it a perfect table for year-round use! It is a handy table for adults and children to gather, chat, eat and play games. It is perfect for parks, playgrounds, apartment complexes and virtually any outdoor venue space._x000D_n_x000D_nCOMES IN:_x000D_n4 Seats _x000D_n3 Seats ADA _x000D_n2 Seats ADA _x000D_nFinish: Standard or Extreme_x000D_nMount: In-Ground or Surface

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