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Small Dog Park Kit



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Small Dog Park Kit Playground Description

This pup-friendly Small Dog Park Kit is a darling way to welcome your four-legged patrons in style! Whether you are setting up a dedicated dog park or just want to carve out a special place for the fur babies at your municipal park, this kit is the perfect tool for the job! It contains the Dog Hurdle and Two Hoop Jump obstacle course features that are well suited for both casual and professional agility training. The Dog Hurdle is constructed of a wide bar that accommodates virtually any breed of dog with adjustable height. The Two Hoop Jump highlights two round hoops placed at differing heights. This allows dogs to weave back and forth, gathering speed and finesse. There is also a leash post which safely holds up to four leashes, whether socially with other dogs or by themselves at rest. While the pups are resting and playing, a picnic table with bone emblems offers a place for owners to indulge in a little respite of their own.

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