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Single Station Parallel Bars



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Single Station Parallel Bars Playground Description

Give your children the chance to get a full body workout! Bring the gymnasium outdoors with this ultra cool Outdoor Fitness Single Station Parallel Bars. This outwardly simple approach to healthy physical fitness actually involves multiple sets of muscles as well as motor planning and hand-eye coordination. The Single Station Parallel Bars focus its benefits on that of aerobic skill, muscle fitness, balance and core strength. This equipment can be used to perform a wide variety of fitness pursuits beyond apparent gymnastic activities such as swinging back and forth. This fitness station provides tons of but fun at your commercial playground while helping kids build upper body strength in a casual environment that they will find encouraging. For someone with lowered physical ability or those recovering from physical trauma, these parallel bars can be used as railings to help them walk from one side to the other while offering a stable place to hold onto as they steadily move forward.

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