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Single Row Pebble Bridge



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Single Row Pebble Bridge Playground Description

The Single Row Pebble Bridge is a fun way to get kids moving as well as engage in creative play. Comprised of one row of five pebble pendulum platforms, this bridge provides a fun way to practice balance and agility. As children traverse the surface of this pebble bridge they can imagine they are crossing the rocks of a marshy swamp or battling brush as they meander through jungle foliage. All the while they will be mastering key developmental skills. The unpredictability of this bridge makes it even more challenging and fun, prompting the need for strategic timing as the overhead bar allows each pebble step to swing freely. However, even while each pebble step is allowed a measure of movement, there is a small chain that grounds each platform so that the play event does not swing too wildly. Each step has a large base and is slip-resistant for better gripping and balance. The circular surface can be stepped on from any angle or direction and the poles running down the center act as places to hold onto to ease across the bridge.

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