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Single Parallel Bar Ladder



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Single Parallel Bar Ladder Playground Description

This Single Parallel Bar Ladder takes on new dimensions from its classic counterpart. Instead of a single bar, this overhead event is outfitted with multiple parallel bars that are featured in-line with the direction of the child’s climbing path. This unique design means that kids will not have to keep reaching for the next bar or rung in the path, but instead only have to move their hands as far as they feel comfortable. This means they can inch along if such a course makes them feel more comfortable and confident in tackling the climber’s challenge. This hand-in-front-of-hand maneuvering works a different set of muscles than other climbers, instead focusing strength benefits to that of the shoulders and differing upper arm muscles. It’s totally unique design will be a big draw as it will incite their curiosity. As it is outfitted with vertical ladder step-ups on either side, this course is easy to approach from beginning to end.

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