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Shoots and Roots


daycare playground


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Shoots and Roots Playground Description

When it comes to developing sensory and gross motor skills as well as encouraging cooperative play, this commercial preschool playground equipment provides developmentally optimized fun for your nursery outdoor playground design. Watch kids smile and giggle in glee as they join in on all the action while learning how to play both independently and socially. This outdoor playhouse for kids ages two to five years old is built for discovery. The structure is entirely ground level without stairs, perfect for those still unstable on their feet. The enclosed main element of the play system is accessed via a fun crawl-thru tunnel that serves as both the entrance and exit. The innermost section of this outdoor play system is made up of three solid stump window panels topped with a whimsical clubhouse roof for shade from the sun. While this part of the structure is closed in for quiet or pretend play, the windows allow for visual connectivity with the rest of the schoolyard.

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