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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Saltillo Playground Description

All hands on deck for sliding and climbing fun! This extravagant Saltillo commercial playground equipment is a treasury of the best play features. A Vertical Ladder gives a boost up to the 90 Degree Swinging Ring Ladder and 36″ elevated platform where a 3-foot Straight Slide brings you back to earth for another turn. A Transfer Station also directs to this platform. From here, an Incline Tube Bridge links this deck to the proceeding 48″ elevated octagonal platform. Here kids can pound away on the Drum Panel and climb up and down the Vertical Ladder or Snake Climber. The 4-foot Straight Slide offers the fastest means of reaching ground level. A set of steps leads upwards from this deck to the peak 60″ elevated platform with interactive Gear Panel as well as two 5 foot sliding options including a side-by-side Double Slide and single Straight Slide. After all the climbing and sliding, one might need a rest. Kids will find a handy Bench Panel on ground level in which to catch their breath. After this rest period, they might want to discover the musical fun of the Bongos or Single Drum, while adventure awaits at the Ship’s Wheel steering panel. This great recreational playground equipment is a treat for kids ages five to twelve years old.

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