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Round Portable Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Round Portable Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern Playground Description

If you are in the market for an attractive, durable and functional picnic table for your park or playground layout, this Round Portable Picnic Table with Diamond Pattern is the table for you! This hardworking table is coated with a robust thermoplastic coating that makes it resistant to fading, corrosion, weather conditions and vandalism. It is super easy to clean and its coating makes it temperature controlled, so that it’s surface is not overly hot in the summer or too cold in the winter months. The round shape and curved benches allow better flow and space, better personal interaction and are perfect for smaller spaces or spaces where you seek to fit maximum tablespace. This surface space makes an optimal area for such activities as board games, card games, crafts or potluck meals. If you are seeking a space for a wheelchair to roll up and join in, the table can easily be custom ordered with one or two of the benches removed. 

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