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RockWell Teeter Duo



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

RockWell Teeter Duo Playground Description

The RockWell Teeter Duo commercial playground equipment encourages social interaction through cooperation. Perfect for kids between the ages of two to five, this commercial see-saw playground component makes a welcome addition to your outdoor playground with a design meant to accommodate preschool age riders for a fun and safe experience. This nursery outdoor playground equipment features comfortable seats with low back supports for extra safety, plus easy to grasp handles for helping little ones keep their balance. Laughter will ring through the playground as bellies become filled with butterflies as they bounce back and forth, up and down. The low to the ground design is easy for little feet to push off the ground to get air. The integrated stirrups allow a place for kids to rest their feet as they rise into the air. This recreational playground equipment encourages children to have fun in the sun and fresh air while enjoying the company of fellow playmates.

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