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Rhythm Group of Three



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Rhythm Group of Three Playground Description

Musical accompaniment at its finest! This set of three musical instruments is great fun for any commercial playground design! Consisting of a metallophone, a glockenspiel and a set of bongos, this rhythmic trio is ready to make beautiful music. Kids will be rearing to try out each instrument in solo play or as a group. The bongos’ percussive sound adds a unique musical element which produces differing notes by using your thumbs, fingertips and the heels of your hands. The high pitched sound of the glockenspiel creates unique noises depending on how strong the mallets connect with the keys. The added metallophone can be played alongside the glockenspiel for a great musical duo. Together these all-weather instruments make up a balanced way to learn harmonization and cooperation. Each instrument is made from durable materials which can handle both outdoor and indoor use so your playground design is always musically ready.

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