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Raritan Canal



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Raritan Canal Playground Description

Abounding with unique and fun physical challenges, the Raritan Canal commercial playground equipment boasts several obstacles for multiple children to enjoy. Bursting with many exciting elements, kids won’t have any problem keeping busy. Children will have a blast climbing their way to increased stability, strength and physical fitness with the help of the Leaf Climbing Wall that offers strategically placed hand and feet grips in a curved ascent. The Tower of Rings is an overhead component that invites kids to practice swinging back and forth from bar to bar above the ground in a challenge to propel themselves all the way around its circular perimeter. A classic obstacle course favorite, the Floating Tunnel Climber can be used to time speed or just to climb on, around, through and over. Finishing with the Saddle Slide, this element takes a new approach to sliding, giving kids the unique opportunity to straddle the slide and navigate their descent.

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