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Poplar Springs



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Poplar Springs Playground Description

The fantastic Poplar Springs recreational playground equipment is built for maximum adventure, excitement, and discovery. Kids will fall head over heels for the crawling, climbing and sliding action packed into this mega outdoor play structure. A 90 Degree Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder with Vertical Ladder step-up sets the activity in motion, strengthening core and upper body muscles, all leading to a small triangular deck bordered by a fun Gear Panel activity.. This component feeds into an Overhead Straight Swinging Ring Ladder. Crowed with Palm Tree Toppers, this overhead obstacle course is both challenging and whimsical. A Transfer Station and Pod Climber take kids directly to a generously scaled deck of multiple heights shaded by a Hex Bulb Roof. This deck serves as a sort of spiral staircase that takes two unique paths. Going one direction, kids will travel through an Incline Covered Bones Bridge to a 72″ elevated deck with Club House Roof and Plink Panel. A Left Turn Slide and Straight Slide exits this deck to tummy-tickling effect. Another pathway takes children into a Bones tunnel to two open-air 48″ elevated decks. These decks are also accessible by way of a Sea Creature Climber and numbered Figure Climber. A Tube Bridge links these two decks to a final 48″ elevated deck, shielded from the elements by a Gable Roof. A Gear Panel, Snake Climber for entering and exiting, and Double Right Turn Slide are featured. There are multiple ground-level activities so everyone can play, including a Rain Wheel, Ship’s Wheel, Single Drum and Stump Store Panel.

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