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Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player’s Bench with Back

Bench tulsa oklahoma

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player's Bench with Back Playground Description

The Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player’s Bench with Back is a comfortable and convenient bench great for any situation but made with an extra-wide seat to accommodate bulky sports equipment and players. The durable steel has a protective layer of high-quality thermoplastic, which keeps it from getting too hot, cold, or wet. The coating can be ordered in a number of different color options and has built-in UV protection to keep your team’s color from fading due to sun exposure. The bench’s wide seat and back panel allow players to lean back and get comfortable after a tiresome game. The Perforated Steel Wide Seat Player’s Bench with Back can be ordered with an in-ground or surface mount for permanent installation, or a portable base which allows it to be moved out of the way when it isn’t being used. There are also three different lengths available so that everyone will have a place to sit, no matter how large the team._x000D_n_x000D_n_x000D_nCOMES IN:_x000D_nLength: 4′,6′,8′_x000D_nFinish: Standard or Extreme_x000D_nMount: In-Ground, Surface, or Portable

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