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Perforated Steel MOD Bench without Back

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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Perforated Steel MOD Bench without Back Playground Description

The Perforated Steel MOD Bench without Back is a small but useful bench that offers guests a convenient place to sit outdoors. It has a modern design with two arched arms that appear to come up from the ground and hold the seat in place. These legs can be mounted in one of three ways: an in-ground mount that secures them directly into the ground, perfect for dirt or asphalt; a surface mount, which bolts the legs directly to harder surfaces such as concrete; and a portable mount, which allows the bench to be moved around freely to wherever it is needed. The versatility of these mounting options allows this bench to be installed anywhere, making them perfect for every location. The lightweight perforated steel seat of the bench, along with the removal of the back, make it easy to transport anywhere when the portable base is selected. There are a range of other available features as well, including different sizes, colors, and coatings._x000D_n_x000D_n_x000D_nCOMES IN:_x000D_nLength: 4′,6′_x000D_nFinish: Standard or Extreme_x000D_nMount: In-Ground or Surface

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