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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Pendleton Playground Description

Into the woods! Enter a world of pure imagination when you add this Pendleton commercial playground structure to your park, youth organization or school playground. This recreational playground equipment comprises two series of decks, linked by three Craggy Climber Straight Sections for rock climbing fun. This play system gets its woodsy feel from the presence of several Pine Tree Toppers. The first structure can be accessed via a Transfer Station or Stump Climber and comprises two 36″ elevated open-air decks, plus a split level 42″ elevated and 48″ elevated deck sheltered by a Club House Roof. A Maze Panel and Ball Maze Panel border the decks that work to engage reasoning in a fun way, while an Elephant Panel lends a whimsical air. To exit, a fun 4 foot Wave Slide whooshes down from the top elevation. The second structure is designed for max adventure with Jungle Climber and Bamboo Climber. A Tic-Tac-Toe and Bubble Panel are featured on these decks that encompass 36″ elevated and 42″ elevated square open-air decks, in addition to 48″ elevated deck with fairytale Gable Roof coverage. A 4 foot Wave Slide likewise exits this structure for sliding fun. The ground level is geared up for ADA compliant inclusive play with Stump Store Panels, Ship’s Wheel, educational Half Spelling Panel, and Half Math Panel. A series of four Free Standing Pod Climbers seem to blend in with the forest feel, yet function as climbers for unique challenges of balance and coordination.

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