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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Patagonia Playground Description

Your playground will rock their world when equipped with the Patagonia outdoor play system! Children of all ages will be racing to reach the super exciting challenges that await them, from balance feats to elements of coordination and strength, this commercial playground equipment has it all. A unique way to travel, the Crab Climber will have children strategizing their reach and using their arms and legs to scramble across the spaced balancers. From here, the Zig Zag Challenge Climber brings on the test of coordination but also grants poles to hold onto as kids whip around the beams and tilted contours of the balancer. The S Balance Bridge is very similar, but with only one beam in which to stabilize themselves. The Pebble Bridge continues the course, forcing the mind to yet again change gears to keep upright. After completing these gymnastic components, the Tower of Rings is a fun reward that can be climbed upward from inside the rings or along the sides. The Craggy Climber Section, Craggy Climber Turn Section, and Craggy Climber End Section are good old fashioned rock wall fun but with distinct elements that keep the challenge fresh. Finally, kids can climb up the Craggy Hoop Climber and reach the Straight Slide for a tummy-tickling end to the excitement — that is, before they go back and start all over again!

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