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Once a Beginner



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Once a Beginner Playground Description

The Once A Beginner fitness course is a newbie-friendly course built for athletes of all ages. All four pieces in this course contain comprehensive and easily visible directions printed on each side. It’s like having a trainer right with you working you through each step to achieve fitness success! It guides users on how to use each element of the set. This eliminates any confusion and helps even beginners to look and workout like a pro. There are two matching exercise stations that permit twice the use for tandem functionality. This double station means your workout will remain uninterrupted even by newcomers who want to use the same workout feature. The set features a Chin Up station, a Chest Press, a Sit Up Bench and a Lat Pull-Down Station. It’s a very comprehensive set for beginners and fitness veterans alike. Equip your location with this workout course and visitors will become dedicated patrons.

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