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Olympic Spirit



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Olympic Spirit Playground Description

The Olympic Spirit Fitness is a highly comprehensive fitness course with a total of eight durable pieces of exercise equipment. This outdoor fitness set is built tough to withstand any weather inclement and condition at your outdoor venue year round. Every piece of equipment is fashioned with a duplicate of itself on each side for double the use. It’s the perfect set for crowded fitness areas or for those who seek to work out with a trainer or partner. The set is complete with a Royal Double Station Country Skier, a Royal Double Station Sit Up Bench, a Royal Double Station Rower, a Royal Double Station Leg Press, a Royal Double Station Chest Press, a Royal Double Station Dip, and a Royal Double Station Lat Pull-Down. Each structure offers the handy feature of including full instructions for use, which helps beginners to work out as if a trainer were right beside them, guiding them in use.

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