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Nova Scotia



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Nova Scotia Playground Description

Let the excitement commence when you unleash the power of the Nova Scotia outdoor play system at your commercial playground. Abundant with slides, multi-tiered platforms, plus ground-level games, this playset will capture kids’ attention for endless hours. Children can start their adventure at multiple starting points. The easiest and most straightforward is the Transfer Station stairs, however, there is also the Arched Snake Climber, Spiral Climber and the Overhead Straight Swinging Rings transferring into the Overhead Straight Snake Ladder. The first deck is a 36″ platform with Right Turn Slide, at just the perfect height for toddlers or younger children. Linking to the next 48″ platform is an Inclined Tube Bridge, where a 4 foot Wave Slide creates a fun exit back to the ground. A smaller Tube Bridge connects the gap between this deck over to the second 48″ platform with Double Slide. Steps upward and kids can reach the thrilling 5 foot Wave Slide, well suited for those who enjoy an added sense of excitement. Once back on the ground, the ADA compliant components include an imaginative Ship’s Wheel, Single Drum, Bongos and Store Panel.

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