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Norwood Heights



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Norwood Heights Playground Description

There is nothing quite like watching young children discover the joy of playing outdoors. The Norwood Heights commercial playground equipment plays off of this elation by bringing children their favorite components and features in a safe and durable construction. The many slides and climbers not only delight young and old, but parents, child care workers and teachers appreciate the thoughtful design that offers inclusion for all children with ADA compliant ground level activities. A Transfer Station with Stairs and Figure Climber lead straight up to the first 48″ elevated platform. A Tube Bridge makes a fun pathway to reach the next 48″ elevated platform that features a Straight Slide and Vertical Ladder. A straight bridge directs all over to the next 72″ elevated platform with Spiral Climber and Straight Slide. Each of these decks are equipped with line roofs for shade and protection from the elements. On the ground, a Single Drum Bongos and a Rain Wheel make for noisy, musical fun, with a Gear Panel located on the deck level.

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