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No Shortcuts



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

No Shortcuts Playground Description

The No Shortcuts fitness course keeps patrons in fine form with a total of eight workout companion structures. As a whole, this set ensures a complete workout that focuses on a variety of different muscles. The Quad Station Warm-Up is the starting point of this course, for as the name implies, it is the place to get your muscles ready and rearing to get to work so you do not strain yourself with the rigorous workout to come. The Single Station Fit Rider also stretches leg and lower body muscles, which makes it a great companion piece to the Warm-Up station. The Single Station Country Skier and Double Station Sky Walker exercise the muscles one would use while skiing or walking, yet it accomplishes this action by moving in place. The Double Station Chest Press, Double Station Lat Pull-Down, Double Station Leg Press and Single Station Sit Up Bench all fulfill a more thorough and vigorous workout.

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