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Mount Vernon


city park playground


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Mount Vernon Playground Description

The Mount Vernon commercial playground equipment is a grand central station for fun, designed for all types of play. Kids can climb, slide and move between decks, engaging balance, motor skills, and upper body strength. The Transfer Station with Stairs and Bamboo Arch Climber both head right to the heart of this play system which is its huge 48″ elevated hexagonal platform shaded by a cool Hex Bulb Roof and equipped with an Incline Tube Bridge that leads up to this level or down to a 12″ elevated triangular platform with Gear Panel. This hex deck leads to a second platform by way of a Covered Bones Bridge. This deck is also sheltered from the elements with a Club House Roof and is outfitted with a Rock Hole Climber, vertical Pod Climber, and Left Turn Slide. A Single Drum and Bench Panel round out the remarkable features of this engaging outdoor play system designed for ages two to twelve years old.

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