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Megas Pod Climber



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Megas Pod Climber Playground Description

Fuel playtime fitness with this Megas Pod Climber set! This super exciting climbing set is complete with four large pod climbers. Two of the climbers keep to a height of five pod steps, while the other two max out at six pod steps. This is a fantastic climbing challenge to excite older children ages 5 to 12 as the elevation allows for a heightened challenge and chance to flex their agility skills, endurance, arm and leg strength, coordination and strategic planning abilities. Each pod step takes on a circular design, which allows for free play all around the climber. They are all outfitted with hand grips so children can securely grasp hold as they climb to the pod’s peak. Topping the climber is a pair of metal railings. This is especially handy when children are preparing to move from one pod climber to another or to the elevated platform of your commercial playground equipment. These pod climbers offer the advantage of being placed in any configuration that would best suit your playground’s unique design.

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