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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Maplewood Playground Description

Choosing the right outdoor playground equipment for your school, church or park is an important part of encouraging children to participate in healthy, active play. The Maplewood tree house commercial play system is a terrific investment in a child’s bright tomorrow. Packed with safe, fun, challenging and social activities, you can be assured children are enjoying the physical and cognitive skills developed on this outdoor playground structure. Comprised of a single 48″ elevated platform and second covered split level 54″ and 60″ elevated platform, this recreational playground equipment packs on the fun from top to bottom. The simple Transfer Station with Stairs and Pebble Climber with Rails accesses the first deck, with a fun Straight Slide that delivers a gentle ride for younger children. The split level deck is equipped with a Gear Panel and lookout Bubble Panel and is sheltered by a Gable Roof. From here, a super neat Left Turn Tube Slide offers a sneak peek of the playground as you slide down with alternating sea-thru sections. Topped with Pine Tree Toppers for a whimsical element and on ground Plink Panel, this playset is ready for action!

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