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grants for school playground equipment


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Lansing Playground Description

Let the Lansing commercial playground equipment take your children on an exciting jungle adventure. This play set gets its jungle theme from its numerous Palm Tree Toppers, Bamboo Panel, Hex Leaf Roof, Stump Store Panels and cute Paw Print Climber. Along with these visually stimulating enhancers, this play set is geared up for sliding fun with a 6-foot Right Turn Slide and 6-foot Curved Tube Slide with see-thru panels. The Transfer Station with Stairs offers a gentle incline up to the hexagonal 72″ elevated platform, or for a challenge, the vertical Pod Climber makes the accent a test of balance and upper body strength. The two Stump Store Panels on the ground level provide children yet another place to play in an ADA compliant layout. This commercial play system is a wonderful choice for daycares, parks, churches and apartment complexes with a recommended age range of two to twelve years.

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