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Kentucky Oaks



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Kentucky Oaks Playground Description

The Kentucky Oaks commercial playground equipment is all about the fun! In a design specifically for children five to twelve years of age, this outdoor playground structure is all decked out ─ pun intended─ for mega excitement. This play system shows off a variety of deck heights as well as unique ways to reach them. There are three triangular decks at 48″ elevation, 54″ elevation and 60″ elevation that can be accessed via the Transfer Station, Pod Climber or Pixel Climber. A gentle 4 foot Left Turn Slides whooshes to ground level. An Arch Bridge leads upwards to a hex deck of 54″ elevation and 60″ elevation, outfitted with Rock Hole Climber and 5-foot Straight Slide. Two Incline Bones Bridges travel to different slides. One path leads to a 96″ deck bordered by a Ball Maze Panel for hands-on play, a step up to a mega 8 foot Spiral Slide. The other bridge crosses over to an 84″ elevated deck with Ribbon Climber and 7-foot Straight Slide. There is one more path yet, this one directing children over to a 24″ elevated deck where they can journey across a 90 Degree Overhead Trapezoid Loop Ladder with Vertical Ladder step-up or adventure across the Craggy Climber Turn Section and Craggy Climber End Section. The ground level is complete with Single Drum, Ship’s Wheel and Bench Panel.

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