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commercial playground equipment


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Irving Playground Description

Eyes will sparkle and mouths will be upturned in gleeful smiles when children embark on the adventure that is the Irving commercial playground equipment. This extravagant play system is geared up with kids favorite play activities including slides, clubhouse decks, climbers and play panels. The challenging Twisted Arch Ladder helps children develop healthy upper body strength and hand-eye coordination as they climb to the 72″ elevated platform. This deck is sheltered by a Line Roof and features a generous 6-foot Straight Slide. The Sea Creature Climber also builds lower and upper body strength as little ones balance their body along the foot and handholds of the whimsical sea creature molds. A simple Transfer Station allows an easier reach of the 48″ elevated deck, also covered by a Line Roof. A smaller 4-foot slide makes for an easier glide down to the bottom for younger children. The ground level Bongos and Rain Wheel provides musical play where children can practice echoing familiar tunes or creating new and unique music._x000D_n

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