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Hot Springs



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Hot Springs Playground Description

Bring on the inclusive fun-for-all play with this fantastic Hot Springs commercial playground equipment for parks, schools or multi-family complexes! This ADA accessible outdoor play system offers a huge area of play that includes children who require the assistance of mobility accessories. This super-sized recreational playground equipment features four ramps which lead up to a series of elevated hexagonal platforms. There are also multiple forms of access for children who do not have such mobility limits, allowing for play for all children. There is a Wavy PE Rock Climbing Wall, Carrot Climber, Overhead Straight Snake Loop Ladder, Pixel Climber, Pod Climber, Overhead Straight Swinging Ring Ladder, Overhead Octagon Straight Rung Horizontal Ladder with Vertical Ladder and Overhead 3 Wheel Swing Ladder with Vertical Ladder that all gain access to the upper platforms of this play structure. Whether on the ground or on deck, there are multiple activities to keep children engaged and active, including a Ball Maze Panel, Plinko Panel, Maze Panel, Gear Panel, Percussion Panel, Spelling Panel, and Math Panel. Children will enjoy the shade from three Hex Shades as they engage in such activities as the different slides such as the Wave Slide, Right Turn Slide, and Double Slide.

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