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FunTimber Borders

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

FunTimber Borders Playground Description

The Funtimber Border provides a heightened level of safety for your playground, picnic, dog park or other outdoor areas. Once installed, these playground borders define the play limits of your area, helping patrons understand the areas of any given area. The border’s durable polyethylene material gives them a robust construction designed to withstand the test of time and use. Each border element features a dimension 4 feet long x 9 or 12 inches high and has an overlap for clean connectivity and finish between timbers. These defining lines will serve your playground or park well.  Every border timber comes with a spike for installation so that it is easy to affix on most surfaces. This is a highly cost-effective means of making your commercial playground equipment or picnic area a safe environment for play or other recreation. The clean-lined finish is just what your venue needs to help patrons understand the limits of each different areas of your location.

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