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Full Length Wheelchair Ramp for Border 8 or 12 inches high



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Full Length Wheelchair Ramp for Border 8 or 12 inches high Playground Description

The Full-Length Wheelchair Ramp for Border at 8 or 12 inches high improves accessibility to ensure all users feel welcome at your park, playground, campground or other outdoor venues. The full-length style of this ramp extends out into the safety surfacing of the playground for increased mobility of those with mobility challenges. Featuring a gentle slope toward the center from both ends, those with a wheelchair, a walker or gait trainers can easily transfer themselves to and from your park or playground area. This allows users with mobility enhancers to enter and exit the playground with ease. A border cap is included that works to even out the border on the side of the ramp. Two filler ends are included for this purpose. All required stakes for installation of the Full-Length Wheelchair Ramp are included. This durable ramp design is long-lasting and easy for both children and adults to use.

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