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FreeStyle Series Spiral Climber

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

FreeStyle Series Spiral Climber Playground Description

The FreeStyle Series Spiral Climber is a classic way for kids to climb, grow and play the day away.  This outdoor climber attachment will make an exciting and unique addition to your commercial playground structure. It promotes advanced athletic climbing skills and is suitable for children ages 5 and up. This unique climber encourages children to enjoy loads of fun, though while doing so, they may not even realize that they are learning balance and strength while climbing! This tightly-coiled spiral climber leaves a sufficient amount of space between the bars; suitable for children to easily fit their feet in it while offering a challenge that even younger children can participate in and enjoy. The vertical bar that runs up and through the middle of the climber provides a handhold for stability. The construction of this climber is made from highly durable commercial grade steel, with an entrance that does not require entrance barriers as many climbers of its ilk demand.

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