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FreeStyle Series  Manhole Climber

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

FreeStyle Series  Manhole Climber Playground Description

The FreeStyle Series Manhole Climber offers a variety of uses to engage creative and active play in children ages five to twelve years old. It is designed with a series of five rings that act as footholds and two poles that allow children to use as handholds to steady themselves as they climb. Not only is this manhole climber attachment a unique an engaging means to reach the upper platforms of your commercial playground structure, but it also makes for a creative means of play as children choose to scale the sides of the rings or straight up through the middle. Opting to go up the middle allows children to imagine they are climbing upwards through a tunnel, being beamed up by a spaceship or any number of pretend-play options. This structure also has a built-in entrance that integrates into the support posts of your outdoor play structure. This design concept makes the entryway narrower and more secure for a safer enjoyment of the climber.

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