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FreeStyle Series  Inverted Arch Ladder

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

FreeStyle Series  Inverted Arch Ladder Playground Description

The FreeStyle Series Inverted Arch Ladder is featured in an arching, naturally sloped shape. Because of this design concept, it is safer to use the higher a child climbs and is great for younger kids to use in order to reach lower platform heights on your commercial playground equipment. The way the edges hug the inward curving steps add another level of safety, keeping kids from falling off the climber sideways. These two railings also serve as a conveniently placed and steady hand hold for kids to maintain their balance as they move on up. The numerous and simple rungs establish easy footing for children, helping to hone strength, balance, agility and hand-eye coordination. This straightforward climber is a fantastic piece of equipment for preschool play structures, daycare playgrounds and community parks with play systems designed with lowered decks. This climber adds an intriguing new challenge to span the distance between decks in lieu of the standard transfer areas.

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