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FreeStyle Series 3D Climber

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

FreeStyle Series 3D Climber Playground Description

This unique 3D Climber is a metal climber component with an interesting design. The construction takes on the shape of rounded-edge squares in a cut-away pattern. The intent is both aesthetic as well as poses an easy way for children to gain an upward ascent with the easy placement of their feet and wide bars in which to grasp. Gross motor coordination is enhanced as children climb up and then strategize and reason how to retrace their steps back down. Kids can use their imagination as they race up the climber attachment pretending to be a superhero, pirate, time traveler or any other favored TV or book character. The construction of this component is made from durable galvanized steel with a powder coat of paint that is baked on so that it does not wear due to use or weather conditions. This climber piece can be used as a way for kids to climb up to an elevated deck platform and meet up with friends._x000D_n

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