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Free Standing Trunk Crawler



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Free Standing Trunk Crawler Playground Description

Introduce the wonder of climbing and discovery with this freestanding trunk crawler. This nature-inspired crawler gives the appearance of a log tunnel with a woodland clubhouse theme. Children can practice their dexterity as they fit to crawl through this tube crawler playground component. This novel climb through adventure promotes a unique play environment with the challenge of physical and social play opportunities for children ages two to five years old. This commercial playground equipment encourages physical activity and discovery as well as rest for those who wish to tuck themselves into the cozy dimensions of this hollow log crawl thru. This authentic-look crawl tunnel will delight and surprise preschoolers as they navigate through the space to feel as if they are crawling amid a forest in discovery or the workings of their imagination. This outdoor playground equipment adds a touch of fun whimsy to your nursery playground design to inspire curiosity and imaginative play.

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