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Fort Sutter



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Fort Sutter Playground Description

More than just playground equipment, the Fort Sutter activity panel playground corral is a unique avenue for creativity. Creating a playscape where kids can explore and develop crucial social, interactive and cognitive skills, this recreational play system is optimized for children 6-23 months of age with seven activity panels that provide play options for every child, no matter their level of physical ability. Eager hands will love to gather around the tic-tac-toe and plinko panels, perfect for cooperative play. The store panel is a fantastic foundation for all sorts of imaginary games. With colorful gears to turn and view, the gear panel is ideal for young minds to extend their mechanically-inclined tendencies and practice problem-solving. Two unique maze panels present different opportunities for hands-on investigations while challenging cognitive skills. Practice rhythmic beats on the percussion panel, even prompting other children to dance around in a healthy form of exercise. All of these activities are two-sided for two times the fun!

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