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Forest Market


playground for daycare


Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Forest Market Playground Description

The world is ripe for exploring and this commercial playground equipment makes a safe way to learn and discover the world around them. This ground level playground is built as a kids-only zone, perfectly sized to fit two or three preschool-age children. The only way to access this enclosed play zone is by crawling through a kid-size tunnel. Once inside, kids will find the space outfitted with two stump window panels for seclusion as well as windows for keeping an eye on all that’s going on beyond their little play hovel. The clubhouse roof acts as a shelter from the elements while also providing a cool hideaway feel. The perfect finishing touch on this recreational playground equipment is the stump store panel for engaging dramatic play. This store panel features a large window with ledges that can be used as the counter of a store, bank, ticket office or even the stage of an impromptu puppet show.

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