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Feel the Burn



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Feel the Burn Playground Description

This Feel the Burn Outdoor Fitness exercise set includes four comprehensive pieces of exercise equipment that each focus their role on different areas of the body. The set includes a Royal Triple Station Rower, a Royal Triple Station Chest Press, a Royal Triple Station Leg Press and a Royal Triple Station Sit Up Bench. Each piece in this set highlights a full instruction list of how to use the equipment, helping both experts and beginners to build a workout as if a trainer were right beside them, urging them through the motions. This set is perfect for higher traffic venues as each piece features not one but three sides for three users to make use of at once. It is also great for trainers, partners or groups to work together all at once. This set will make your location the place to gather and work on a healthy form. It can be arranged in any configuration to suit your venue’s needs.

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